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Austin ISD Partnership

Austin ISD Teacher Academy (ATA) is an innovative partnership between the Austin Independent School District and the Region 13 Educator Certification Program. The 17-month program is designed specifically to train teachers for Austin ISD in the critical needs areas of math, science, bilingual education, and bilingual special education. After meeting application requirements and approval, the interns will have an interview with Austin ISD.

Austin ISD Teacher Academy provides professionals from different fields an alternative to the traditional college route to certification. It is a rigorous, field-based program that integrates theory with practice and allows teacher-interns to make valuable contributions to Austin ISD schools as they build strategies for success in the classroom.

When Austin ISD selects participants into their program, they are also given a hired, unassigned contract to teach in Austin ISD. During the preservice part of the program, interns interview with Austin campuses to find their assignment within the system. Note: ATA interns must meet all Austin ISD and Region 13 requirements to maintain hired unassigned contract.

Teaching with Full Pay:

During the internship year, the teacher-intern is hired by a district as the teacher of record with full pay and full benefits.  Upon successful completion of the internship year along with related program and state licensing requirements, participants earn a Standard teaching certificate specific to their teaching assignment/area of study.


The program curriculum is aligned with the State Board for Educator Certification standards and educational best practices. All curriculum is taught by certified staff and content area experts. All classes are held evenings (6-9 pm) and Saturdays (9-4 pm).

Training Topics include:

  • establishing a positive classroom environment
  • preparing for first days/weeks of school
  • managing student/classroom behavior
  • planning and creating developmentally appropriate instruction (curriculum and lesson plans)
  • delivering instruction
  • preparing for formal classroom observations
  • developing and using student assessments
  • understanding student diversity and instructional differentiation
  • using a variety of instructional strategies to increase rigor and relevance