Curriculum Options

In alignment with the National Association for Alternative Certification, Teacher Certification Resource Center advocates standards-driven programs for alternative routes to certification.   The foundation of our curriculum is research-based and innovative; combining robust online content with face to face facilitation.   This Blended Model has proven to be a best practice in teacher preparation.  Over the past 5 years, 99% of the teacher certification candidates enrolled with our Educator Certification Program have passed the state administered competency tests.

Backward DesignUbD

The four courses on pedagogy reflect the Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s “Backward Design” model from their highly-regarded book Understanding by Design. The goals of each course are framed around engaging, thought-provoking, essential questions that lead to uncovering conceptual “big ideas” embedded in the content. This has been found to lead to deeper, enduring understandings by first-year teachers.


The units within each course contain the following key components:

  • Clear, identified goals and curricular objectives
  • Performance assessment(s) that are aligned to - and demonstrate evidence of - the unit’s learning objectives
  • A variety of focused learning activities leading to the acquisition of the targeted objectives and deep, conceptual understanding of the content

Understanding by Design Resources:

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