Limited Admission Cycle 2016-17

The Limited Admission Cycle is an application cycle based on meeting program needs for additional teachers in selected certification areas.   

Certification areas for this cycle will be determined and posted in January.

Applicants for this cycle MAY submit evidence of a passing score on the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) for their certification area as a part of the application requirements.  See Certification Requirements documents for all details regarding PACT.  PACT is encouraged but not required for admission to this cycle.

Special Notes:

Applicants for this cycle MAY submit evidence of a passing score on the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT). 

For information about registering for the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) visit the ETS website.

If you need help in preparing for a PACT exam:

Check out our TExES online self-study review courses.

Check out our list of free resources.

Certificate Areas for Limited Admission Cycle

Middle Level Certification Requirements (Grades 4-8) Programs Available
Mathematics 4-8  GEN ATA
Mathematics/Science 4-8  GEN ATA
Science 4-8  GEN ATA
Secondary Level Certification Requirements (Grades 6-12) Programs Available
Mathematics 7-12  GEN ATA
Math/Physics 7-12  GEN ATA
Math/Physical Science/Engineering 6-12  GEN ATA
Science 7-12  GEN ATA
All Level Certification Requirements (Grades EC-12) Programs Available
Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Spanish EC-12 GEN TTT
Special Education EC-12  GEN  

  Critical Needs Areas *

The critical needs areas are certification areas in which there is an anticipated shortage of teachers.  These areas are identified each spring or summer by the Commissioner of Education for the upcoming school year. As a result, these areas are subject to change.  Areas listed as “critical needs” on our website are anticipated for the application cycle.   For a complete and updated list visit TEA Teacher Shortage Areas 2016-2017.

Note: Program requirements are subject to change at any time based upon new rules, policies and regulations from the Texas Education Agency: Educator Certification.