AISD Teachers of Promise 2014-2015
June, 02 2015

Once again, Region 13 is pleased to recognize a large number of our teacher interns who have been awarded the title “Teacher of Promise” for the 14-14 school year.  This year, 22 outstanding first year teachers from the Region 13 ECP cohorts received this award. 

While many school districts have programs which recognize and honor outstanding teachers each school year, the Austin Independent School District has created a unique program that recognizes the accomplishments of first year novice teachers.  This program, called Teachers of Promise, is designed to highlight promising classroom practices exhibited by first year teachers and to recognize first year teachers who demonstrate an overall understanding of the components of good teaching and reveal outstanding potential as an educator.   In order to be eligible to be a Teacher of Promise, teachers must be:

A first year teaching professional who demonstrates an overall understanding of the components of good teaching
A first year teaching professional who reveals outstanding potential as an educator
A first year teaching professional who exhibits a strong commitment to the profession


We are very proud of these teachers and of the dedication to teaching excellence that they have shown during this school year.  We look forward to watching them develop into teacher leaders on their campuses. 


Please see below for ECP’s 14-15 AISD Teachers of Promise:

Debika Ingham                        Akins High School

Dominique Del Santo              Baldwin Elem.

Laura Saniuk                          Baranoff Elem.

Lindy Hutton                           Clifton Career Development HS

Jeffrey Bryan                          Covington MS

Laura Flores                           Graham Elementary

Michael Rowland                     Harris Elementary

Jessica Worde                         Highland Park Elem

Laura Clay                               Houston Elem.

Felipe Trimino                          Lanier High School

Michelle Scrggs                       Martin MS

Beth Schultz                             Norman Elem.

Katelyn Bendt                          Ortega Elementary

Lucas Sheahan                       Padron Elementary

Victoria Serna                         Paredes MS

Yza Rodriguez                         Pickle Elementary

Courtney Hallum                     Pillow Elementary

Beatriz Garcia                         Reilly Elementary

Emily Guerrero                       Summit Elementary

Celina Lopez                           Webb MS

Wendy Carrillo                        Wooten Elementary

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