Need a great strategy to spice up your lesson?
April, 24 2014

Take a look at Teacher, a website created by  the Region 13 Educator Certification Program .  This website provides teachers with a variety of instructional and classroom management tools to energize lessons and engage students. The website contains over 60 teaching tools with detailed directions for easy implementation.

Originally the tools were designed with novice teachers in mind, but even veteran teachers are finding the strategies useful in creating lessons that increase student engagement. 

For each tool, the website provides:

  • step-by-step instructions on how to implement the tool
  • ideas for when the tool can be used in a lesson
  • variations of the tool for more activity options
  • editable templates to use as handouts for the students
  • a notes feature so teachers can take notes about their use of the tool
  • a way to print all the features of each tool, including the teacher’s notes


The most exciting feature of The Teacher Toolkit is video footage that shows Region 13 teachers using the strategies in their classrooms. We’re still filming videos, and we will continue to add tools and videos as we get more input about what is most useful for the teachers using the site.

Accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone, these great teaching techniques are always at teachers’ fingertips. 

Check out the Teacher Toolkit website and spark new excitement about learning on your campus today!

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