Application Cycle:

Information Sessions:

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Interested in applying to ATA?

  1. Are you a good fit for the unique challenges of a high-needs campus?  ATA participants must make a 2-year commitment to their campus in order to receive full program benefits.
    *Note – you will still earn your standard certificate by the end of teaching year 1.  The 2-year commitment is to remain with the district for at least 2 years.
  2. Think about where you want to teach.  ATA is open to individuals interested in teaching in Austin ISD only.
  3. Review your qualifications. Do you meet the entrance requirements for one of the following certification areas? 
  4. Apply to the ECP program that matches your certification area: 

    Bilingual Core Subjects EC-6, or Math
    Apply Elementary & Secondary Education Program  

    Bilingual Special Education
    Apply Special Education Program  

  5. Once accepted into the Region 13 Educator Certification Program,  interested individuals will be given the opportunity to interview with AISD principals and HR representatives for selection for the Austin Teacher Academy. 
  6. Once selected for ATA, continue your training with ECP with the confidence of knowing that you have a hired unassigned contract with Austin ISD for the coming school year.  This means that you have signed a contract and are guaranteed a job, but it is not for a specific teaching position yet. Later in the spring or early summer, begin interviewing for your specific teaching position as they open up and get ready for the school year to begin.

*Please note that you will be accepted to the Region 13 Educator Certification Program (ECP)  BEFORE you are considered for ATA, and that whether you are selected for ATA or not, you will remain an active member of the Educator Certification Program once selected.  The decision to apply for ATA does not need to be made prior to applying to ECP.  As an ECP participant, you may apply for teaching positions in any Region 13 district including AISD.