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The Region 13 District Referral Program (DRP) is a 12-month accelerated preparation program for all content areas and grade levels.  This program holds all of the same requirements as our traditional educator certification program; however, it is unique in that an applicant MUST be referred to the program by a school principal or district.

The District Referral Program is designed specifically for school districts that need to employ an uncertified applicant for a difficult to fill position during the spring or summer months.   The District Referral Program ensures that program participants meet all federal highly qualified requirements.

Teaching with Full Pay:

  • During the internship year, the teacher-intern is hired by a district as the teacher of record with full pay and full benefits. 
  • Upon successful completion of the internship year, program requirements and state licensing requirements, participants will earn a Standard teaching certificate in their teaching assignment/certification area. 

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