Region 13 Teacher Named Texas Teacher of the Year (and other great news)
May, 15 2018

Each year, the Region 13 Educator Certification Program is proud to work with individuals who have made the life changing decision to become a certified teacher.  Each year, these individuals invest time and money for training while continuing to work at their current job and pour countless hours into learning and preparing to become effective teachers during their first  year of teaching. 

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ECP Intern Receives First AISD Superintendent Coin
January, 11 2016

Gorzycki Middle School Teacher Receives First Superintendent Coin

January 6, 2016

Gorzycki Middle School teacher (and 2015 ECP graduate)  Cynthia Christensen today received the district's first Superintendent Coin, designed to recognize outstanding work by teachers and staff throughout the district.

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Skills, Responsibilities, Supply and Demand for Teachers
October, 22 2015

Texas Education Code 21.04 requires that Educator Preparation Programs share with potential applicants information regarding the necessary personal skills of an educator as well as common teacher responsibilities.  Many potential educators also have questions about supply and demand for teachers in our area.  Read more about these very important topics. 

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Tutors to Teachers: ACE Paves the Way
June, 02 2015

By Lina Villarreal, M.Ed., ACE Senior Bilingual Program Coordinator


Nearly one year ago, ACE tutors began contemplating joining the Region 13 Educator Certification Program (ECP), a program in which both ACE and Region 13 collaborate to train highly qualified teacher candidates for Central Texas schools. At the end of the 2013-14 school year, 21 ACE tutors completed the Region 13 certification program! ACE helped pave the way for these tutors, who were interested in pursuing teaching certification, and now many of these hard-working individuals will begin their teaching careers this next school year.

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AISD Teachers of Promise 2014-2015
June, 02 2015

Once again, Region 13 is pleased to recognize a large number of our teacher interns who have been awarded the title “Teacher of Promise” for the 14-14 school year.  This year, 22 outstanding first year teachers from the Region 13 ECP cohorts received this award. 

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Teacher Toolkit Website Wins Award
April, 24 2014

The Region 13 Educator Certification Program is pleased to announce that our Teacher Toolkit website ( recently was recognized with two awards given by the Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA).

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