Tutors to Teachers: ACE Paves the Way
June, 02 2015

By Lina Villarreal, M.Ed., ACE Senior Bilingual Program Coordinator


Nearly one year ago, ACE tutors began contemplating joining the Region 13 Educator Certification Program (ECP), a program in which both ACE and Region 13 collaborate to train highly qualified teacher candidates for Central Texas schools. At the end of the 2013-14 school year, 21 ACE tutors completed the Region 13 certification program! ACE helped pave the way for these tutors, who were interested in pursuing teaching certification, and now many of these hard-working individuals will begin their teaching careers this next school year.


Region 13 offers several programs designed to certify teachers in specific areas. The process of certification for these tutors was an arduous task that included over 1,700 hours of direct service as full-time reading tutors in low-income schools. Teacher turn-over rate is high all across the United States, and in the urban, at-risk Central Texas schools where ACE serves will especially benefit from teachers staying in the classroom. ACE tutors understand service and hard work, and their chance for successfully acclimating to their new campuses is increased exponentially. The ACE tutors who have become teachers know how to get things done in low-income schools, and ACE paved the way for their careers as classroom teachers!


 “Congratulations!” are in order for our ACE-Region 13 teachers as they continue their dedication to service and teaching! We know they will be remarkable teachers. Below is a list of the certifications and the schools where the teachers will be teaching.

Twenty-one ACE tutors became certified teachers in the following areas

-   9 Bilingual EC-6th Generalists

-   1 Bilingual Special Education - EC-6th Generalist

-   6 Special Education Teachers

-   2 Math and Science Grades 4-8

-   2 Art Teachers

-   1 Language Arts 7th Grade

Many former ACE tutors were hired as teachers this spring, and will be working at several elementary schools in different Central Texas school districts starting in the fall.

-   Austin ISD:

-   Govalle Elementary

-   J. Walter Graham Elementary

-   Josephine Houston Elementary

-   Oak Springs Elementary

-   Jaime D. Padron Elementary

-   Pleasant Hill Elementary

-   George I. Sanchez Elementary

-   Sunset Valley Elementary

-   John B. Winn Elementary

-   Dr. Goodall H. Wooten Elementary

-   Carl T. Widen Elementary

-   Park Crest Middle School, Pflugerville ISD

-   Real Learning Academy, Wayside Schools


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